Live and Proclaim the Gospel of Jesus

Concise Gospel Summary and Methods for Sharing

Concise Gospel Summary and Methods for Sharing - Clearly communicating the Gospel starts with knowing what the word “Gospel” means. Gospel means “Good News.” Who is the Good News? Jesus is the Good News. The news about Jesus is the Gospel. Remember first and foremost to focus on Jesus when sharing the Gospel (Acts 4:12).

Testimony Guides

Preparing a Personal Testimony of Salvation - Use this simple guide to help shape a personal testimony of how Jesus saved you from sin in order to share that story with others as the LORD opens doors to live and proclaim the Gospel.

Present Tense Testimony - Use this simple outline to share the Gospel of Jesus using present circumstances in your life.

God's Plan of Salvation- 6 page Summary

God's Plan of Salvation -This 5 page summary is designed to give a systematic yet concise look at how scripture describes the process of Salvation according to the Bible. This packet is intended to help you discover what Scripture says about how God saves sinners. It is simply intended to be used as one tool to help those that would like to see the scriptural references to this topic.

Communion Guide

Biblical Overview of Communion -A summary guide for helping people understand the purpose of taking part in Communion.